Ask Crystal Cogs
Saunter into the workshop.

You choose to simply saunter into the workshop in such a casual manner, heading through the low cave and following the short tunnel which is rather well lit. The tunnel itself looks recently dug, with a very earthy feel to the walls and the low echoing that seems to be sourced from the workshop itself!

Your sauntering is soon cut short as you saunter right into the workshop proper, smacking right into a plexi glass screen. That might hurt a bit later, but for now the shocking truth is revealed about what exactly Cogs is doing!

The workshop itself looks like a small foundry, circular in nature but several mechanical limbs hanging from the ceiling on some sort of gantry. In the center is the one and only Cogs, but what she is working on is something much larger. Standing taller than most Stallions, covering in shining grey metal is some sort of pony-shaped monstrosity of a machine. Several wires are connected to it, which also run up towards the ceiling and around the same gantry.

However, your little viewing is cut short as Cogs turns and stares blankly right at you with her goggles, which are covered in a purple looking goo. ”Gah, I can’t even see! Need to wipe these down.” She speaks with annoyance and trots around towards the side, right in your direction!

Better think fast and do something!

Do the level up dance then head out of the junk room to explore more things.

You pop up onto your hind legs, waving your fore legs around in a wild and flailing manner. With a few head turns, lots of mane shaking and showing off a rotting teeth, the dance comes to an end. After a short moment of thought, you agree to yourself that your new found skills would be best used in: POWER BALLADS!

Unfortunately, you have to wait till you get out of this damn place, lest ye alert Crystal Cogs to your presence! So, you equip the new equipment you had just made, adjusting the rather epic goggle helm and soon enough, the doorway to the storage and planning room beckons!

Once again, the room is pretty much the same as when you left it, though a few less crates seem to be in the pile you once hid in. Pondering your choices of heading out of this hidden base, heading into Cog’s quarters or to go directly to the main workshop itself!

So…where do we go?

LOOT ALL THE THINGS! then upgrade my armor for bits in the junk pile.

You finally choose to loot -ALL- the things, or at least anything useful within the large pile of junk. With a few close calls with sharp objects, a near undeath experience with a falling pile of scrap and being thankful that the undead cannot get tetanus….you finally have a decent pile of scrap. This does include the insane toaster and the almost awesome goggles.

With the scrap in hoof, you notice a nearby forge and anvil within much ‘cleaner’ parts of the room. With some knowledge of armor repair and forging in your semi-rotten mind, you attempt to craft yourself some armor out of the junk! Success or not, you will need a little while to find out…..

Some time later, your honestly not sure how long…but it was long…..

Your attempts to craft armor have yielded:

A rusted insane toaster hammer of agility +1!

A body plate of charisma +2!

A rusted scrap sword of agility +1!


And high quality body armor of stamina +3!

You feel that your mostly impressive attempts at being a blacksmith  has helped you today, your blacksmith skill has increased by 40!

Something about you feels different, your time within Cog’s house has taught you much about yourself and the skills within….perhaps you should take time to contemplate and learn from what skills you have improved…..

Congratulations, you have leveled up! *Insert level up sound here!*

Take the mechanical wings blueprints then slink into the junk room like a cat.

You quickly roll up the blueprints of the mechanical wings, noticing a rather roughly drawn picture beneath it. It seems to be of Cogs, dressed up as a rather overweight and mechanical Alicorn. You really can’t help but chuckle at how silly and smug she looks!

Enough of that though! You drop down low to the ground, slinking or well..shuffling across the floor into the passageway that leads to the ‘Junk room’. After about half a minute of shuffling, you end up in quite a big cave. It is filled to the bring with scrap metal, rusted parts and inventions that didn’t quite live up to Cog’s standards.

Keeping with your cat-like actions, you tentatively hoof at what looks like a toaster. With the lightest touch, something spring out of the rusty toaster and hits the roof of the cave. You really aren’t sure what came out, but it was pretty darn fast! Better not touch anything else….right?

You keep looking around though, several other ‘failed’ devices can be spotted: A fan powered scooter with far too many fans on, a metal box that seems to scream ”Metul bawkes” whenever you open the lid….and A set of goggles?!

They don’t even look broken! To loot or not to loot…..

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Crystal Cogs says: ”So…all those rumors about a creepy, pony eating creature were true? I get the feeling I should start making better armor plating….and fix my battle saddle -again-.”

Crystal Cogs sighes as she gets back to work, slaving over several sheets of metal, a pile of purple crystals and a mostly eaten cake.

”…Im going to need a bigger cake…”

Roll out of the crate like a boss and active ninja mode!

Since the coast is clear, you flip open the crate lid and roll out -LIKE A BAWS- onto the workshop floor! Rising to your hooves, the stance you take is that of pose, agility and stealth! Ninja mode is active, time to stealth around and get to the bottom of this!

Within Ninja mode, you notice how the workshop is…actualy just the storage and planning room! Checking a few other crates reveals several large pieces of armor, designed just like Cog’s fake limb…but made for something larger. Slinking quietly over to a planning table, your hooves push around several boring looking blue prints of upgraded toasters, a jet powered scooter and even a set of mechanical wings! You don’t, however, find anything large enough for that armor…

Bugger, better check somewhere else! With this in your head, you peer around at the tw- Uh..three exits other than the way you came. One has the words ‘Junk room’ etched over it, Cogs did not go this way though. The others are ‘Main Workshop’ and ‘Cog’s Quarters’, It seems that silly mare went to the Workshop!

Follow on, explore elsewhere or do whatever!

Play dead!

You quietly flop down in the crate, lolling your tongue out in a fashion that might suggest you are dead…despite the fact you are -technically- dead. Oh well, might as well hope for the best and that Cogs doesn’t catch a whiff of your slightly…decomposed form.

All you can really hear is some heavy movements, with what feels like several crates being moved about around your current hiding spot. A voice sounds from outside, one that seems pretty darn happy with themselves.

”Hah! Found it..lets get this stuff to the construction bay….”

It seems Cogs found the crate she needed, leaving you completely intact and safe.With the sounds of movement subsiding into mere echos, this leaves you alone….for now!

Congratulations! You have gained the Feign Death skill! Due to your undead form, the effectiveness has been DOUBLED!

….Now what?

Groom myself like a hamster while in the crate.

You proceed to groom yourself in the style of a hamster, despite being undead and all that! With a few minutes of grooming, you find yourself looking like a rather dashing zombie! You have gained +2 charm while you are this well groomed!

Looking back out into the underground workshop, not much has gone on since Crystal Cogs started working on…something? You can’t quite see, but it looks to be a pile of papers spread out over the workbench. Cogs soon turns to the pile of crates, speaking to herself:

”Im sure I stored those armor plates in one of those crates…”

She proceeds to move closer! Uh ooh!

Climb into a crate!

You attempt to climb into a nearby storage crate, lucky for you they are pretty big! With barely anytime to spare, you heft up the crate lid and wham yourself inside with a little hole to peek out of.

The view is rather limited: A large cave wall with two passageways carved into it, they look fairly pony-made too. A worktable to the left side, doesn’t seem to be very much ontop of it. To the right is…the owner of the hoof sounds that made you go into the crate in the first place!

To your surprise or lack of it, the owner is infact: Crystal Cogs! Huzzaa, she is alive after all and in seemingly perfect health…for the living anyway. Though, something about her seems off…perhaps tired or just bored as you notice her checking the worktable.

She seems distracted, maybe you could escape now or stay longer to see what Cogs does? You might try something completely different…choose!

Go down the stairs face first!

For whatever reason, you throw yourself down the stairs face first, bouncing from head to hoof at pretty much all of the steps down. After a little while of falling, you plant yourself face first into a stone floor. Even after such a fall, your face is mostly intact and feels no pain at all!

As for the stone floor, you look up from your landing spot to find yourself in what looks like a cave….filled with large clusters of purple crystals and several different workbenches. Most of them are filled with spare parts, blueprints and cut crystals. Congratulations, you have found Crystal Cog’s underground workshop!

Your small victory is short lived however, as the sound of hooves seems to be heading in your direction from one of several passageways. It seems someone or something heard the faceplanting and is quite interested in what actualy happened.

You better hide, but where? Several empty baskets dot the workshop, and a pile of crates are stacked up in the corner…or you could search for another option?

Choose quickly!